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Cloudy skies make better sunsets

We’ve had some lovely weather recently – clear blue skies and bright warm sunshine (which mainly means I’ve been hiding behind curtains in dark glasses like a vampire but that’s totally beside the point). Spring has well and truly sprung … Continue reading

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Why migraine-free me?

For the people who’ve recently asked how I got in to blogging and why I called the site migraine-free me, and for others who might have been wondering the same Why do I blog? I write to help make sense … Continue reading

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Sitting in the dust

Health Warning: not quite as positive as the last one, sorry A strange thing has happened recently. I mentioned in a previous post (Onwards and Upwards) that we’ve seen some progress – instead of the vast majority of time being … Continue reading

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Onwards and upwards

At last I can write a celebratory post 🙂 The combination of topiramate and nortriptyline seems to be working to some extent and there’s finally been a bit of progress. Back in January we set a bold target of having … Continue reading

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Easter hope

Happy Easter! I see today as a day for celebrating new life and holding on to hope. We have an Easter Tree in our house – apparently it’s a German tradition originally. We hang decorated eggs on branches as a … Continue reading

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Good Friday?

I’ve never understood why today is called Good Friday. (Except of course that it’s a bank holiday and in 2 days time I get to eat half my body weight in chocolate – oh yeah!) What’s ‘good’ about an innocent … Continue reading

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Post poach – secrets of successful chronic migraineurs

A post on caught my eye today. It made some interesting points so I thought I’d share it. You can read it here if you’re interested: 10 secrets of successful chronic migraineurs If you don’t want to read the … Continue reading

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