Progress :-)

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and fortunately that’s mainly for good reasons.

The combination of treatments is enabling me to feel like I have a quality of life at last – which is wonderful after being so constrained for so long.

On good days I’ve been able to go out with friends, go for day trips out, go to a wedding and generally do far more than I’ve been able to do for ages, which makes the bad days so much easier to deal with.

I had fun on Tuesday going to Liverpool to the north west neurology centre to get a greater occipital nerve block (injections in my head!) and an MRI scan, totally rocking the hospital gown look, oh yeah!

My husband came too and we managed to fit in a trip to the Albert Dock to eat some awesome burgers and pretend to be cultured at the Tate gallery (but instead just got thoroughly confused)

I’m finding everything feels like an amazing treat, even the tiniest things, and I’m just so pleased to be living this thing they call life

Hope you all have a good weekend – live every minute and do something awesome!



About migrainefreeme

I'm a practitioner psychologist. I'm on a journey of faith and grace. I have complex, severe and continuous migraine. I blog about holding on to hope through life's ups and downs.
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2 Responses to Progress :-)

  1. philhendry says:

    Awesome!!! Reading this really has made my week.

    Much love,


  2. Tony Bell says:

    So so good that things are improving for you. I know about those hospital gowns, I managed to tie mine by putting it on back to front then twisting it round, only to have them undo it so I wasn’t lying on the knots! Not that I need one for an MRI scan, my next is due on the 6th. I quite like them as they remind me of being on the boat, although last time the head phones were plugged into the radio.
    Nothing like a bit of illness to make you appreciate this life thing and how to value it. While I have no plans to depart this life anytime soon I have no idea how long I am going to be around so think its best to live flat out and have a ball.
    I am so glad you are feeling so good, remember them during the crappy times, and God bless you both.


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