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Meaning and purpose

I’ve been doing a lot more thinking on meaning and purpose the last few days. I brought it up with my counsellor today to see if he had any insights and he mentioned Victor Frankl. I haven’t had chance to … Continue reading

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A hope and a future

I’ve not blogged for a while, a long time in fact.  It’s been an intense few months of finally starting to come to terms with this new life I’ve been landed with and it’s left me a bit too raw … Continue reading

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Cloudy skies make better sunsets

We’ve had some lovely weather recently – clear blue skies and bright warm sunshine (which mainly means I’ve been hiding behind curtains in dark glasses like a vampire but that’s totally beside the point). Spring has well and truly sprung … Continue reading

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Easter hope

Happy Easter! I see today as a day for celebrating new life and holding on to hope. We have an Easter Tree in our house – apparently it’s a German tradition originally. We hang decorated eggs on branches as a … Continue reading

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Helping people find hope

As a follow-on from the previous post (holding on to hope), here are a few thoughts and wonderings about helping others to find hope. I’m writing this mainly for myself (as it’s something I’m still learning) but also for the … Continue reading

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Holding on to hope

I was talking to a psychologist today (Roger Bretherton, a fascinating and dynamic guy who is a clinical psychologist currently researching personality and prayer). I asked if he had any words of wisdom about what to do when life feels … Continue reading

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Your future’s whatever you make it…

I’ve done a lot of thinking this week. (and quite a bit of hiding under duvets, crying my eyes out, talking round and round in circles, sitting with friends in silence, every so often pulling faces, going ‘hmm’ then eating … Continue reading

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Goodbye, hello

So 2014 is nearly over. There have been plenty of times when I’ve found myself wishing this year away and hoping I can just pretend it never happened. But I’ve also had plenty of reminders of how wonderful life is, … Continue reading

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The choice

I want to build a dark room with soft floors, padded walls and no chinks of light. I would spend all day in my room and I would be blissfully happy. But it wouldn’t be a life. I would have no … Continue reading

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