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What am I here for?

I found it both humbling and terrifying to lose all the things that had previously given my life meaning and purpose. For me this came through illness but many people might experience something similar for a whole range of reasons. … Continue reading

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The race

This is how I imagine myself; very slowly running a race (more like a plodding walk, let’s be honest) while everybody else has completed the race and is busy celebrating, drinking champagne and jeering at me from the top box. … Continue reading

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Cloudy skies make better sunsets

We’ve had some lovely weather recently – clear blue skies and bright warm sunshine (which mainly means I’ve been hiding behind curtains in dark glasses like a vampire but that’s totally beside the point). Spring has well and truly sprung … Continue reading

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Post poach – secrets of successful chronic migraineurs

A post on migraine.com caught my eye today. It made some interesting points so I thought I’d share it. You can read it here if you’re interested: 10 secrets of successful chronic migraineurs If you don’t want to read the … Continue reading

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It’s not all doom and gloom

I’m aware that my posts have been a bit more negative recently. I’m not sure whether I should apologise for that or not – I did say I’d be honest after all. But I do want to redress the balance … Continue reading

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Holding on to hope

I was talking to a psychologist today (Roger Bretherton, a fascinating and dynamic guy who is a clinical psychologist currently researching personality and prayer). I asked if he had any words of wisdom about what to do when life feels … Continue reading

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Your future’s whatever you make it…

I’ve done a lot of thinking this week. (and quite a bit of hiding under duvets, crying my eyes out, talking round and round in circles, sitting with friends in silence, every so often pulling faces, going ‘hmm’ then eating … Continue reading

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I had a review consultation via telephone with the specialist at the National Migraine Centre today. It didn’t bring quite the news I was hoping for. I was looking forward to talking about things like ‘recovery’,  ‘getting back to full … Continue reading

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