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Meaning and purpose

I’ve been doing a lot more thinking on meaning and purpose the last few days. I brought it up with my counsellor today to see if he had any insights and he mentioned Victor Frankl. I haven’t had chance to … Continue reading

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Blue Bird Scarf: An Analogy for Loss and Grief

Post written December 2015 Loss: the suffering that unites us all We can probably all connect with a sense of loss, because we’ve all experienced it. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, by death or by separation; The … Continue reading

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Progress :-)

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and fortunately that’s mainly for good reasons. The combination of treatments is enabling me to feel like I have a quality of life at last – which is wonderful after being so constrained … Continue reading

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Mindful Mondays – All Aboard

One of the things I’ve learnt from my mindfulness practice is that our thoughts and feelings are something separate to the ‘core being’ (or whatever you want to call it) that does the thinking and the feeling. Practicing mindfulness has … Continue reading

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Bridge of Light

Ok, so I didn’t do so well with the blog-a-day challenge. There’s been a lot going on that’s taken all my energy and brain power so there’s been none left over for blogging. I won’t bore you with the details … Continue reading

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When choice gets taken away

Health warning: moaning post – though there is a Gandalf quote to make it all ok if you manage to get through to the end (or just skip straight to that if you like, no-one will know!) One of the … Continue reading

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Cloudy skies make better sunsets

We’ve had some lovely weather recently – clear blue skies and bright warm sunshine (which mainly means I’ve been hiding behind curtains in dark glasses like a vampire but that’s totally beside the point). Spring has well and truly sprung … Continue reading

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Why migraine-free me?

For the people who’ve recently asked how I got in to blogging and why I called the site migraine-free me, and for others who might have been wondering the same Why do I blog? I write to help make sense … Continue reading

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Sitting in the dust

Health Warning: not quite as positive as the last one, sorry A strange thing has happened recently. I mentioned in a previous post (Onwards and Upwards) that we’ve seen some progress – instead of the vast majority of time being … Continue reading

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Easter hope

Happy Easter! I see today as a day for celebrating new life and holding on to hope. We have an Easter Tree in our house – apparently it’s a German tradition originally. We hang decorated eggs on branches as a … Continue reading

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Good Friday?

I’ve never understood why today is called Good Friday. (Except of course that it’s a bank holiday and in 2 days time I get to eat half my body weight in chocolate – oh yeah!) What’s ‘good’ about an innocent … Continue reading

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Mindful Mondays – Bitter Sweet Symphony

Sometimes life can seem wonderful, the sun is shining, we’re on top of the world and everything’s going our way. Then at other times the walls come crashing down, we’re left desolate in the rubble of the blows life has … Continue reading

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Mindful Mondays – Primary Pain & Secondary Suffering

Sometimes life sucks. And there’s nothing we can do about it. Or is there? It’s inevitable that we will run in to testing times at some point in life, whether that’s in health, relationships, work, finances, or something else. These … Continue reading

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Mystery Option C

Thank you so much to everyone who responded to the previous post Dilemma, either in person or online. I’ve really appreciated your honesty on how you talk about (or more often don’t talk about) invisible illnesses with friends and family. … Continue reading

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Migraines are invisible. Which means no-one can see just how much devastation they cause. On the inside, it’s like a big-budget disaster movie. Tornados wreak havoc, tsunamis broil out of control, volcanos erupt sky-high. Everywhere you look the landscape has … Continue reading

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