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Blue Bird Scarf: An Analogy for Loss and Grief

Post written December 2015 Loss: the suffering that unites us all We can probably all connect with a sense of loss, because we’ve all experienced it. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, by death or by separation; The … Continue reading

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A hope and a future

I’ve not blogged for a while, a long time in fact.  It’s been an intense few months of finally starting to come to terms with this new life I’ve been landed with and it’s left me a bit too raw … Continue reading

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What does migraine mean to me?

It’s migraine awareness week and The Migraine Trust have suggested that people share what migraine means to them, so here goes… Migraine means regularly experiencing pain that made a broken foot seem so insignificant I didn’t even notice, but also … Continue reading

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A celebration of frustration

You might have gathered from some recent posts that I’ve been getting frustrated recently. In fact, I’ve been more frustrated than if I was playing in a tournament of the game that drives you popping mad The limitations of not … Continue reading

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Special delivery

So my new treatment device has arrived… Not only is it good for playing innuendo bingo, it’s also a highly developed new technology that’s recently come on the migraine scene. (You can find out more at gammacore.com if you’re interested) … Continue reading

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Onwards and upwards

At last I can write a celebratory post 🙂 The combination of topiramate and nortriptyline seems to be working to some extent and there’s finally been a bit of progress. Back in January we set a bold target of having … Continue reading

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Post poach – secrets of successful chronic migraineurs

A post on migraine.com caught my eye today. It made some interesting points so I thought I’d share it. You can read it here if you’re interested: 10 secrets of successful chronic migraineurs If you don’t want to read the … Continue reading

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