Post poach – secrets of successful chronic migraineurs

A post on caught my eye today. It made some interesting points so I thought I’d share it. You can read it here if you’re interested: 10 secrets of successful chronic migraineurs

If you don’t want to read the whole post (though I’d definitely suggest you do) here are the main points I’ll be remembering from it:

Accept that life will not return to the way it was

Be creative and open to new ways of learning to live with pain

Keep expectations realistic – pain management is not pain elimination

Don’t be afraid to experiment or fail

Accept your vulnerability

Learn to be at peace with pain instead of fearing it

Accept reality as it is and learn to live with it rather than fighting against it

Keep active whenever you can

Know your limits

Don’t give up

Thanks to Tammy Rome at for this post poach


About migrainefreeme

I'm a practitioner psychologist. I'm on a journey of faith and grace. I have complex, severe and continuous migraine. I blog about holding on to hope through life's ups and downs.
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  1. Tony Bell says:

    So much there that we can all learn from.

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